CNBC Mad Money’s, Jim Cramer, to Interview CEO of Celadon Financial Group, LLC on Newly Formed Celadon Foundation

The Intersection of Wall Street & Philanthropy Established for Greater Stock Donations to Charity

DATE: Thursday, December 23, 2021
TIME: 6:00-7:00PM Eastern Standard Time
NETWORK: CNBC Mad Money Hosted by Jim Cramer

Chatham, New Jersey, December 23, 2021: Celadon Financial Group, LLC, a full service “mini-prime” broker dealer that has been providing trade execution solutions for Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, Money Managers, and High Net-Worth Clients in the U.S. and abroad since 1986, will be interviewed on the formation of the new Celadon Foundation on the highly acclaimed business show, Mad Money with Jim Cramer, Thursday, December 23, 2021 to be broadcast in the Eastern time zone of 6:00pm-7:00pm.

Daryl Hersch, Chief Executive Officer of Celadon Financial Group, LLC and Suzanne J. Currie, Senior Managing Director – The Celadon Foundation, will discuss both the history of Celadon Financial and the formation of this new entity, The Celadon Foundation, a 501(C)3, that will support charitable giving by Money Managers to Charities.

In light of global Covid-19 pandemic and resulting social and economic issues, Celadon management determined that the firm should find a way to give back and support those in the greater charitable community who were disenfranchised, lost jobs, with loved ones who became sick and fell on very hard times, due to no fault of their own.

Hence, Celadon established a 501(C) 3 charitable organization, calling it The Celadon Foundation.

Celadon and the Foundation will work with two sleeves of clients.

  • First, there is Celadons’s typical client base: Money Managers who want to participate in the Giving Partners program. As they trade their portfolios, Money Managers will have a predetermined % of their Celadon commissions allocated to The Celadon Foundation for donation purposes. This gives Money Managers a wonderful opportunity to tell clients and prospects that they are working with a service provider who is benefiting the charitable community needs.
  • The second group Celadon is working with consist of public charities that seek appreciated stock donations from their donor support system. Such charities benefit programs as diverse as Homelessness Relief, Volunteer Fire Departments, Veterans Support, Cancer Research, University Endowments, or Spinal Cord Research. By opening an account with Celadon, we are guiding these charities on how to establish an Appreciated Stock campaign, going to their donor base, seeking stock and other appreciated asset donations.

With the markets at an all-time historic high, there could be no better time to formulate a capital campaign asking donors for appreciated stock, which most charities have never done. Why is that? Cash donations have historically been the donation of choice for most charities.

In the past, however, the processing of stock donations has been onerous, with reams of paperwork, signatures required, alerting of banks/brokerage firms where the stock was held, etc.

To expedite the efficient movement of stocks to be liquidated on behalf of said charities, Celadon searched the marketplace for a platform that would simplify the donation process. Celadon is proud to have been named as a Star Partner of, a technology platform created and developed by a former Google engineer and recently backed by smart groups such as Salesforce Ventures.

How it works: Overflow places a “Donate Stock Button” on the charity’s website. By clicking this button (much like making a cash donation via a credit card or PayPal), the donor is brought to a series of screens through which they authorize their brokerage firm to transfer donated shares to the charity’s account at Celadon Financial Group, LLC. Once the shares are received by Celadon, the charity can, if they wish, liquidate the shares and promptly receive the sales proceeds.

The huge benefit to the charity is this: the average cash donation online is approximately $128. The average stock donation using Overflow platform is approximately $10,000! Recently Overflow processed a stock donation north of $500,000 for a charity organization that embraced the brilliance of their technology. Overflow and Celadon help nonprofits easily and securely accept stock donations online.

The new intersection of Wall Street and Charitable Giving, with expediated technology is here.

Celadon is based in Chatham, NJ and maintains offices in NYC, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin and Le Mons, France. For more information, please contact: Suzanne J. Currie, Senior Managing Director,, visit or call 973-701-8033.